TebZone Advance Your Career

TebZone Owned by Bait Alebdaa for health awareness is a multiservice platform for the medical community that launched in 2019. Our team worked day and night to find the finest speakers with vast real-world experience as well as the top courses for medical workers in order to provide you the pearls from the endless sea of medical information. We aim to raise the standard of medical education and get people ready to take advantage of unique opportunities.Regardless of your medical speciality, you can get what you need right here. 

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading medical education platform, providing a comprehensive and innovative learning experience that empowers the medical team to advance their careers and improve patient care.

Our Mission

To empower the medical team to acquire the knowledge, skills, and mindset they need to improve patient care through innovative learning experiences, professional development, and networking opportunities.



We offer a variety of educational and training programs to help medical professionals stay up-to-date on the latest medical knowledge and skills.


We have a comprehensive events calendar that features conferences, workshops, and other events that can help medical professionals network with other professionals and learn about new developments in the healthcare industry.


We offer a variety of training and job opportunities to help medical professionals find the right position for their skills and experience.

Live Webinars

We are confident that our medical education platform can make a significant contribution to the healthcare industry. We are committed to working with medical professionals around the world to improve the quality of healthcare and make a positive impact on the lives of patients.

Our Partners